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Why does Vacationstayz not charge fees?

Vacationstayz does not charge a fee to the traveler, EVER. Our model is to connect travelers to owners or property managers. We want the traveler to have the best experience possible because they are the ones spending the money for their vacation.

Is Vacationstayz part of a larger company?

Vacationstayz is a brand of Stayz LLC. We are not affiliated with any of the other travel sites that provide any similar type of booking company.

How does Vacationstayz model work?

We pride ourselves on providing the best service, best support, best experience and best pricing options of any vacation booking site. Our model is simple. There is no cost to the traveler and if the owner or property manager would like extra services we offer an annual membership option. It really depends on how the owner or manager wants to market the property.

How will annual membership fees be used?

We plan on reinvesting all proceeds back into making the site the best experience possible. We plan on upgrading the site interface, user experience and site analytics data with the membership fees. We will also use a portion of the membership fees to market the site on other related travel site as well as search sites. Over time the site will evolve and we will provide the owners and managers better data to make better informed business decisions with their listings.

What if I have an idea for Vacationstayz to improve?

We welcome all comments and suggestions. We want to make the site better and it is the users that have some of the best ideas. If you have any suggestions on improvements please do not hesitate to write us and share the idea.

Does Vacationstayz share my data or information?

No. We will never share your data or information with any other members or external companies. We know your data is very sensitive and it should not be shared in any way.

How come Vacationstayz does not offer payment processing?

Payment processing options may become available in future releases. There are a lot of options out there for processing payments. Most owners and managers have different options they wish to use. We do not want to disrupt or force them into using a platform they are not comfortable with. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Is it free to list my property on Vacationstayz?

Yes. It will always be free to list a property. We offer a free account that includes a free listing and free booking. We want users to get familiar with our platform and try it out before they choose a membership plan. Membership listings will always be treated special and may be prioritized over a free listing account.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

Always. If you sign up for a membership option and decide it is not right for you we will pro-rate your membership fee and refund you the unused portion. No questions asked!

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